Board of Managers

The Board of Manager’s group’s main goal is to ‘Lead with Care’. They want the church building to be inviting and as accessible and accident free as possible.  They oversee as managers of the church’s property and finances making sure that everything runs smoothly for the congregation and groups using our building.  Here are a few of the many details they look after.

  • Fire procedures are reviewed with the congregation during Fire Prevention Week and the building is checked for up-to-date fire extinguishers and Exit lighting.
  • We do a regular ‘facilities’ check-list of washrooms, exits, first aid, kitchen area, smoke detectors, fire escapes, etc. and supplies are kept well stocked
  • Government certification of vertical lift and the furnaces are checked each year by a reputable service person
  • We carry proper insurance that is reviewed each year
  • We work with groups who use our facilities
  • We work with Session to develop a budget for each new year and decide on the allocation for Presbyterians Sharing
  • Any repairs are completed in a reasonable time frame
  • We also help out with church activities
  • We report to Session and the congregation
  • They meet at 7:00 pm when needed.